Bringing adventure home – In Your Wild print shop

Bringing adventure home – In Your Wild print shop

I love traveling and I’m nostalgic by nature. So I guess it’s fitting that I’m a photographer, because capturing moments I want to remember forever is my jam.

The first time Alex and I traveled together, one of the destinations on our multi-country trip was Cinque Terre, Italy. On our first full day we hiked between the towns, stopping for food or gelato or coffee and enjoying the breeze coming off the Mediterranean Sea. On one of our stops, I could not get over the view: saturated blue waters, colourful houses overlooking colourful boats tied to the shore, people jumping off of and suntanning on the rocks. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen and I literally could not put my camera away. I stood there for half an hour just taking photos, wanting to freeze that beauty forever.

Alex was like “hey can we like, move along?” Which is when I had to explain that this is me while on vacation sometimes: obsessed with the details of a landscape and unable to move forward until I’ve fully soaked it up – both behind the lens and without it. (He is a great photo hubby, btw! He knows part of travel for me is capturing beautiful landscapes).

Earlier in the year, a friend reached out asking if she could buy a few of my travel prints for her new condo. I was seriously flattered that someone wanted my world view hanging in their living room. Portrait photography is different in that I’m capturing the moments my clients are experiencing. But when someone is looking at my travel photography, they’re looking at a landscape without having experienced it with me. 

My mission with In Your Wild Photography has always been to capture my clients in the places they feel most wild + alive. So I’m excited to share the flip side of this, the places that make me feel wild and free, through my new print shop In Your Wild Prints

So far, I have a collection of both mountain + water landscapes, but I’m so excited to continue adding more art as I continue traveling throughout Canada and abroad. What you can expect is my heart outside of my body through these prints. I want them to bring adventure to your space, to make you feel serene, to transport you to your own memories. And I am so excited to share my memories with you. 

Stay wild,



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