Scarborough Bluffs Engagement Photos: Liliana + Jason

Scarborough Bluffs Engagement Photos: Liliana + Jason

Alright guys. I’ve already said this a couple times on Instagram but I need to say it again here: this Scarborough Bluffs engagement session with Liliana and Jason gave me ALL THE FEELS. I have to tell you why, and I have to show you why.

When they got engaged in November, Liliana messaged me the same week, originally asking to book a snowy winter session. Well, the winter turned out to be much colder than we expected, so we ended up booking a date at the end of April in hopes of warmer temperatures.

With their engagement session approaching, I was watching the weather and literally packing up all my rain gear. The forecast was dreary at best. Thankfully, Sunday rolled around and – though a little chilly – the day was PERFECT. You really have to scroll down to see the cotton-candy sky because it’s out of this world.

I met Lily and Jason in the parking lot of the Scarborough Bluffs Beach, and we walked down to the water to find an empty spot. As soon as we hit the sand, Liliana slid her shoes off. It was at that moment I knew these two were going to make the most of their session. I gave them my usual spiel: “We won’t do anything too posed, I’ll give you some prompts, we’ll chat and flow with your energy and just have fun.” I asked them to face each other so I could take some test shots, already having a prompt in mind to get them going once I got my settings just right.

It turns out I didn’t even need that prompt: Jason started twirling Liliana almost immediately. She was laughing, he was dipping her back, they were kissing through huge smiles. I wanted to squeal because they were so cute and romantic together. They kept this energy up for their whole session, laughing uncontrollably together, holding each other so beautifully, literally up for anything and everything.

I couldn’t get over them! They are such a warm, kind, beautiful couple, and I feel so lucky to have captured this exciting time in their life together.

L + J, I wish you all the very best this life has to offer! xo


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