Snowy Couple’s Session at Clembrook Farm

Snowy Couple’s Session at Clembrook Farm

Winter finally arrived with a vengeance last weekend, with extreme cold and a huge amount of snow, no less. I had scheduled a photoshoot with Josie + Ryan for Saturday, and was thinking about ways I could keep them warm on the day of. I got Alex to come with me that morning with the sole job of keeping the car warm. I brought a big blanket for some cozy car shots. We took a break in the middle of our time together and chatted in the car to warm up.

Despite the extreme cold and the snow blowing in their faces, Josie and Ryan had so much fun during our session and didn’t even complain. Not when their noses were running, not when their eyes were watering, not when I’m sure their toes and fingers were completely frozen.

During our sessions, we can’t control the weather. We can’t predict how comfortable or uncomfortable we’ll be in the elements. We can’t stop the rain or snow from falling.

But what we can control is how much fun we have. How much we embrace the “imperfect” conditions. How we make the most of every situation and remember this session is about you and your loved one(s).

These two embraced everything the crazy weather threw at us, and it made for some sweet, romantic, fun photos. Josie actually laughed the whole time; Alex told me he could hear her all the way at the bottom of the hill, with the car turned on. That’s maybe one of the most beautiful outcomes you can have in a session: so much laughter that you can’t even remember the cold.

Check out some of my favourite photos from this fun + wintery session. It was totally worth the cold.

Winter Couples Photoshoot

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