Intentions for the year + life update

Intentions for the year + life update

Happy New Year! This post is coming later than January 1 because I let myself off the hook over the holidays and just enjoyed time spent at home with family + friends. Plus, the first day of the year is the only day I truly let myself be lazy as heck!

I always look forward to the new year. After a couple weeks of slower living and family time, I come back feeling refreshed and ready to work hard. I don’t set strict resolutions to change any specific thing about myself, but I do set intentions for the year. I check in every month or so to remind myself to continue treating myself with respect, to continue working hard, and to continue enjoying all life has to offer.

So with that, I wanted to share some of my intentions for this year.

  • Less phone time and mindless scrolling. This includes staying off my phone for at least one hour after I wake up. I already told Alex to call me out on my phone use. I want to read more books, rather than scrolling with no purpose. I want to be more present. I want to stop being a slave to my phone.
  • Remember to adventure. Although if you ask Alex, this is me on a regular day. I love being out trying + seeing new things. But it’s still nice to have a reminder to get those feet wandering, especially during more stressful weeks.
    Grow In Your Wild Photography. There are specific numbers I’ve set that I would like to reach, but mainly, I want to solidify my operations practices, keep fine-tuning my technique, and try wedding photography (anyone who needs a second shooter, I’d love to tag along!) This will be my first full year with IYW and I am JAZZED.
    Travel to 3 new places. This is always one of my goals, and I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to make this work. Feeling very lucky for this. We’ve started planning 2019 travel (mainly our honeymoon!) and I can’t wait for what’s ahead.
    Take more walks at lunch. Simple as that.
    Become more emotionally aware. I’ve valued health and fitness for many years now, and in 2018 I finally felt like I understood my body the best. I’m excited to keep this up and continue pushing my body in the gym. But as I get older, I understand the importance of being emotionally in-tune with yourself as well. My goal is to acknowledge my emotions as I feel them. I’m not sure how else I’ll accomplish this, but I look forward to learning and finding out!
    Find a place to volunteer. This has been my goal for two years now and I haven’t done it. This is the year! If you know of any great volunteer opportunities in Oakville, I’d love to learn more!
    Become a confident snowboarder. I started snowboarding last winter, but didn’t really do much more than one lesson and a few hours out on my own. This year Alex gifted me snowboard lessons – I start next week. Wish me luck!

And my biggest goal of all this year?

Marry the love of my life!

This is our wedding year (coming up in October!) and I am so excited to continue celebrating, planning, and enjoying being fianc├ęs. I kind of still can’t believe Alex will be my husband by the end of this year; our biggest and best adventure yet!

Do you set intentions or goals for the new year? If so, what are some of your resolutions for 2019?

Also, if you’d like a little life update…

Alex and I adopted a kitten right before the holidays! Little Nova has stolen our hearts, and her and Phoenix are inseparable. (I would totally do a mini shoot like this with Phoenix, except she won’t let us pick her up. You can catch her on Instagram sometimes, though!)

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