Lakeshore Family Photoshoot: Alyssa + Family

Lakeshore Family Photoshoot: Alyssa + Family

I can’t believe October (my most favourite month) has already come and gone, so I’m reminiscing on the amazing shoots I did throughout the month, starting with this sweet lakeshore family photoshoot.

Alyssa, Hien, and their two adorable boys were so fun to hang with on the beach at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend spending a quiet morning in this park. There are beautiful trails, a stunning lake-front and accompanying view of Toronto, and a well-kept boardwalk to take you from place to place. This particular day was misty and foggy. Little Landon was wrapped up in his mum’s arms, and Hayden was running up and down the beach with his dad, throwing rocks into the water. Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect morning session.

I love photographing families. I also know that they can be the most unpredictable shoots. If you’ve hung out with young kids, or have any of your own, you’ll know this to be 100% true. But isn’t that the most exciting part?! You never know what a toddler is going to be excited by next – it might be the waves that look like whales (Hayden was so taken by the prospect of animals in the lake!), it might be the flat stones they’re trying to skip along the surface of the water just like daddy, or it might just be running up and down the wet sand, totally free to roam around.

These are my favourite moments: the ones you try to plan but can’t, so you just roll with it. I loved rolling with this sweet family, and I’m so happy they were part of my October.

Scroll through to see all my favourite shots from this session:

For more family sessions, check out this sunset shoot in another beautiful Mississauga park! If you’re curious about family sessions with me (and how much fun we can have traipsing around!), message me!

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