Mississauga Family Photoshoot: Theresa + Fam

Mississauga Family Photoshoot: Theresa + Fam

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to do a Mississauga family photoshoot for my dear friend Theresa and her beautiful family. In December they welcomed a sweet new addition, and I feel so lucky I was able to help them capture this wonderful time in their lives.

Though sweet little Noel was asleep when they arrived to our session – he was trying so hard to keep his eyes open the first few photos! – he quickly woke up and laughed and smiled for the rest of our time together.

These four are so amazing, and their love and respect for each other was so apparent during our session. They talked about visiting the park again to go bike riding together. We joked about Halloween costumes (Theresa wants to dress Noel up as Edward Scissor Hands – or “something weird”). They showed Noel the river; they all love being near the water so much, so he does too – even at just nine months.

My approach to all family sessions is to play, roam around, explore, and let them enjoy each other’s company. It’s an hour or so with no phones and no other distractions, which is perfect to capture some new family-time memories.

Thank you so much Theresa, Hieu, Nicholas, and Noel. I love you guys and loved our time together!

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