How to Pick the Perfect Outfit For Your Photoshoot

How to Pick the Perfect Outfit For Your Photoshoot

You hired a photographer and decided on a location, but there’s one thing left to do: you still have to pick the perfect outfit for your photoshoot.

It’s easy to overthink your outfit choice for a photo session. After all, you’re paying for these photos, and you want to look your absolute best in the images you receive. If you’re struggling with your photoshoot look, here are some tips for finding a picture-perfect outfit.

Wear something you’re comfortable in 

The best part of a photoshoot is that it reflects who we are in a beautiful, artful way. The job of your photographer is to bring out your most natural self; maybe this includes you cuddling up with the person you love, or wandering through a setting that feels like home to you. Another great way to show your true self is to wear the things you love and feel most comfortable in. This can be in the form of an extravagant dress, or in your best broken-in jeans and slouchy sweater. No matter what you wear, make sure it’s something you feel great in.

Think about your location 

If you already know where your photoshoot will take place, consider the location when looking through your closet. You could opt for neutral, earthy tones if you’ll be walking through a forest. Maybe you’ll be shooting against a bright background and you want to provide some contrast with a darker outfit. Think about how you want your photos to look, and how you want to complement or stand out from your location.

Don’t worry about matching too much 

If your photoshoot is with your significant other or with your family members, you might choose to coordinate outfits for a cohesive look. This is always a fun idea, but if coordinated outfits are not your jam, don’t stress about it too much. Stay in the same colour tone, and choose colours that work well together. For example, a combination of blue and grey looks beautiful together, and gives you some flexibility.

Look at the photographer’s previous sessions 

Your photo session will be 100% unique to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look at your photographer’s past work for some ideas. Scroll through a few of their sessions to see how other people have styled their outfits. You might get inspired by the bottom of a maxi dress dragging through the snow. Or, you might consider a monochromatic look, like blues against a body of water.

Ask for an outfit change 

Most photographers are more than happy to give you an outfit change (as long as you’re okay with using your car as a makeshift changing room!) Having a couple outfits on hand will give you the best of both worlds. You can try out a couple different looks, and you’ll end up with some variety in your gallery. If you don’t want a full outfit change, think about bringing a couple accessories, like a different coat, scarf, or boots.

When you pick the perfect outfit for your photoshoot, choose something you love and that you’ll feel comfortable and confident being photographed in. But even the best outfits aren’t complete without a happy client; so, enjoy the process and all that happiness will outshine any item of clothing in your wardrobe!

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