Travel Guide for Muskoka Ontario

Travel Guide for Muskoka Ontario

This post is less of a travel guide for Muskoka Ontario and more so visual proof that you need to spend at least one weekend up north exploring the beauty of our province.

Me and Alex, along with four of our friends, rented a cottage on the Muskoka River over the weekend. We spent three days soaking up the sun, tolerating the rain by cuddling up indoors and playing board games, eating all the snacks we could get our hands on, and enjoying what kind of feels like the end of summer.

There’s nothing like Canadian cottage country, and Muskoka is proof of that. What is a short two and a half hour drive for us feels almost like we’re escaping to the west coast. There’s no shortage of lush trees, calm lakes, bold forest animals (the chipmunk in the last photo jumped up onto my chair), and cozy cabins in this neck of the woods.

Here are some of my favourite photos from this weekend.


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