Family and Couple Sunset Photoshoot

Family and Couple Sunset Photoshoot

Happy Tuesday! It’s 9pm. I’m sitting on my couch in a hoodie. Alex and I are watching Gossip Girl, and I’m swooning over this family and couple sunset photoshoot from last week.

Half of this gallery is a sweet gift to Oksana’s parents for their anniversary: photos of her and her two siblings. The other half is for her and Nick; it’s their first photoshoot ever together, not that you’d believe it after scrolling through this post.

Being photographed for the first time doesn’t always feel natural. It can feel a little weird having someone giving you cues on how to pose and how to walk. My goal for every client is to shake out all the first-photo-jitters as soon as possible; this ensures a session that feels natural for you. This could mean annoying your little brother with your cheek-kisses, laughing with your person after accidentally getting lipstick on his shirt, or genuinely enjoying each other’s company throughout the hour or so we spend together. My photographic style is not super posed, because I want each photo to look and feel like you. The little moments in between are the ones that end up becoming favourites.

These four had so much love flowing between them, and they were so comfortable trying something new together, that photographing them was a dream. Plus, golden hour looks perfect on them, doesn’t it? (*heart eyes emoji*)

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