Toronto fitness photoshoot with Angela

Toronto fitness photoshoot with Angela

Today was an exciting day, because I had a Toronto fitness photoshoot scheduled with Angela!

I love taking my workouts outside when the spring months heat up; this can be through hiking, going for a run, or dragging a skipping rope and kettle bell into the backyard. There’s nothing quite like pumping fresh air into your lungs while the sun warms your skin. So I was extra excited when Angela scheduled a session in some of the trendiest spots in Toronto’s east end.

Angela is a natural bikini competitor and is on her way to the Natural Canada Pro Qualifier this August! She also happens to be a major fitspo, posting her workouts, protein pancake recipes, competition check-ins, and super inspirational pep-talks on her Instagram.

Not only is Angela extremely hard working and dedicated to her craft, but she shares so much positivity with those around her. I had so much fun spending time with this girl and watching her do her thing; I can’t wait to follow along with her journey to this year’s competition!

Peep below for lots of bright colours, smiles, and lunges!

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