5 things to know about this GTA photographer!

5 things to know about this GTA photographer!

Hey there, I’m Melissa, a GTA photographer! When it comes to writing introductory blog posts, I don’t love starting them with cookie-cutter introductions. So let’s skip the small talk, shall we?

Because to tell you the truth, I’m not great with small talk. I’m not bad with it, either. I just feel like it gets in the way of getting to know you. Sure we can talk about the weather, but what I really want to know is how you met your person. If you have a guilty pleasure Netflix show. Your favourite travel destination, or the one at the top of your list. What you like to do on a Saturday morning.

And I want to give you the same right back. I’m a pretty open book, I love to chat and get to know your story, and I also want to make you feel right at home when we’re hanging out and shooting your session.

So let’s jump in! Here are five things I’d love for you to know about me.

Words are also my thing

Photography is one of my favourite ways to express myself; writing is the other. My favourite songs for their clever lyrics (which is why I will always obsess over a Taylor Swift album). I read incessantly. Writing down pieces of potential novels is a regular activity for me (one of my biggest goals in life is to write a novel). I’m a total iPhone-note quote hoarder.

When I get an idea, I’m super eager to see it through

This goes for anything, from deciding I need a new haircut to launching a photography business. I dive right in and work until I get it done. My creativity and excitement can’t be contained, and while some may see it as impatience, I see it as gumption.

Nut butters are my weakness

This is just an embarrassing yet true fact. I eat more peanut and almond butter than I have any right to.

I don’t like to cook

Most people normally refer to cooking in lists like this as a hobby. Not me. Nope. I cook because I’m the first one home to make dinner, and I don’t like ordering in. My cooking is strictly out of necessity, not passion. Which is probably why I eat breakfast for dinner every chance I get.

I can listen to the same song on repeat for days

Putting this out there because I’m genuinely curious if others do the same! Everyone close to me probably internally cringes when I mention doing this. Same goes for TV shows; I’m known to let Gilmore Girls run on a constant loop.

What’s something I should know about you?! Do we have anything in common? Pop into the comments below and let me know! Or follow me on Instagram and let’s get to know each other better!

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